Inspired by Two Mission-Driven Businesses

I’ve doubled down since the pandemic and centered my teaching on the science of stress, self-care as a radical act of resistance, and trauma-informed practices.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Sensory experience–a hallmark of science, nutrition, and environmental education–is much harder to deliver via screen. However, a few months ago I was inspired me to turn over a new leaf.

Aspiring Soil Engineers Design a Perfect Seed Starting Mix

Geotechnical engineering is a specialty area within the environmental sciences that deals with geology and soil.  These professional experts analyze the substrate of a site to determine the viability for construction or development based on soil properties. I imagine similar skills are used to make the bagged “soils” we purchase at our favorite garden store…

Underground Teaching Resources for Stewarding the Soil

Soil. It’s everywhere, but few people take notice of this incredible resource right beneath our feet. When people do notice the soil, they often see it as something to avoid. “Don’t get dirty,” they warn young children. With these underground resources, you (and your children) can get all the dirt on soil. Children’s Picture Books…