A Somber Summer Solstice

To celebrate organizations who are leading the way in the face of social inequity and racial injustice in outdoor education, this month’s post highlights curated resources for building resilience and confronting silence.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Sensory experience–a hallmark of science, nutrition, and environmental education–is much harder to deliver via screen. However, a few months ago I was inspired me to turn over a new leaf.

Try “One Bite” Salsa Straight from the Garden

Despite the fact that I am not an expert gardener, I still find the importance and joy of sharing my experiences with food, the connection between garden-to-classroom and farm-to-table lessons.

When Faced with Disaster, Food Inspires Hope and Builds Community

Today is National Food Day. Although Napa County had an event planned for this evening, we opted to cancel due to the devastating wildfires that swept through the North Bay these past two weeks. Our event was scheduled at a local public school. Because classroom doors just reopened yesterday for the first time since October…